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Date: 15 December, 2022

Reading Time: 2 Minutes

15 December, 2022 · Reading Time: 2 Minutes



From a2i, sharing with you our very first newsletter “a2i BRIEF”  highlighting the Trending Digital Innovations in our country. 

a2i (aspire to innovate) is the flagship digital transformation program of the Bangladesh government, with support from UNDP. 

For over a decade and a half, a2i has been a cornerstone of Bangladesh’s push for digitization of its public services. Over its lifespan, citizens of Bangladesh have saved more than $16 billion, nearly 12 billion workdays, and 7.5 billion visits due to more efficient delivery of public services.

However, this newsletter is also a way of showcasing what a2i further intends to be, and that is to be a resource for the whole of society.  At its core, a2i has always been about re-architecting the government, and additionally, a facilitator for the private sector who can leverage from the whole of society digitization approach.

We hope you will enjoy our first newsletter, which brings you a policy piece by the Policy Advisor of a2i, Mr Anir Chowdhury, stories of its innovations and impacts, focus on digital innovations from the private sector, and a brief summary of some important events.

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