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DPI & AI for #ZeroDigitalDivide

High-Level Conference: DPI & AI for #ZeroDigitalDivide

In a world that is rapidly transforming, where the transformative power of Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to reshape the future, there is a need to pledge our dedication to digital inclusivity, universal access to technology, and the ethical application of AI. We must recognize the importance of leaving no one behind in the digital age, bridging the digital divide across borders, demographics, and economic disparities.

The two-day High-Level Conference: DPI & AI for #ZeroDigitalDivide delved into the profound impact of Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) across various sectors. The sessions provided a comprehensive overview of Bangladesh’s ambitious initiatives, showcasing its commitment to technological advancements, economic growth, and societal well-being, all leading to building a Smart Bangladesh that will be equitable, innovative, and prosperous. Furthermore, these sessions were also a testament to Bangladesh’s commitment towards other nations in the Global South, assisting them with their own digitization journeys and helping them achieve #ZeroDigitalDivide.

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