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UDC facilitates rural people to get easy access to public services

Date: 24 November, 2022

Source : Daily Observer

Reading Time: 4 Minutes

24 November, 2022 ·
Source : Daily Observer
· Reading Time: 4 Minutes

UDC facilitates rural people to get easy access to public services

UDC facilitates rural people to get easy access to public services

Arman Sarker, 19-year old boy who is working as master role employee with Shahzadpur Paurashava, while talking to this correspondent about Union Digital Centre (UDC), said it’s really hampering our work, previously we could do things according to our way. But now, it’s really difficult for us to give anything without central concern.
The people of remote and obscure sleepy little hamlets here now have easy access to essential public services resulted from expansion of advantages of Digital Bangladesh.
Similar to city dwellers, villagers are seen utilising contemporary information and communication technology (ICT) to obtain a number of crucial public services, simply introducing a new facet to rural life.

After making the best use of ICT expertise and equipment, the current UDC and several private online entrepreneurs are taking the lead in bringing public services to the grassroots level.
Md Nurul Alam Ansari, entrepreneur of Shahzadpur Paurashava UDC in Sirajganj district, has been delivering around 100 types of public services except birth registration. Where different government services are available that is benefiting the villagers enormously.
UDC has been acting as a platform for providing all digital government services. Any service seeker is able to submit an online application by paying the fees and check the latest status of his or her demand.
In the last one year, Ansari has provided services to almost 36,000 people that is almost 100 people each day. From this he has earned around Tk. 60,000 per month.
Union digital centre was enriched with various need-based modern devices and machineries like computer, laptop, laser and colour printer, projector, modem, digital camera, scanner, IPS, UPS and photocopy machine. Even in the time of corona using Ekshop they sell different safety, security product and for some reason for the education purpose they sell laptop for the students.
Roy Doulatpur Union Digital Centre (Sirajganj) entrepreneur Md Mahamudul Hasan Sabbir, earns around Tk 50,000 per month on an average through delivering public services, including e-mutation, passport application, printing different citizen related stuffs and online application submission for jobs for the last couple of years. He said now-a-days public services have become easy and cost-effective to the public in general to a great extent as a result of the government’s time-fitting initiatives.
Shahzadpur Paurashava, Mayor, Monir Akter Khan Toru Lodi said UDC entrepreneurs and the online entrepreneurs of the important upazila and union markets were given training and instruction from government so they are doing tremendous work.
Prior to the promotion of modern facilities, villagers had to put in more work, spend more money, and exert more effort to receive public services. However, these hardships and harassments have been greatly reduced.
Following the instructions from their respective higher authorities, public institutions that provide service are inspiring and encouraging people to use the automation system to access their desired services.

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