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Inauguration of E-Commerce Facilitation Center at BSCIC Jamdani Palli Nagar in Narayanganj for the expansion of Jamdani industry

26 July, 2023

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Inauguration of E-Commerce Facilitation Center at BSCIC Jamdani Palli Nagar in Narayanganj for the expansion of Jamdani industry


Dhaka, Bangladesh – July 26, 2023: A groundbreaking E-Commerce Facilitation Center was officially launched at BSCIC Jamdani Shilpa Nagar in Narayanganj today, aiming to revolutionize and expand Bangladesh’s renowned jamdani industry both domestically and internationally. The inauguration ceremony was presided over by the esteemed Turkish Ambassador to Dhaka, Ramis Sen, in collaboration with BSCIC, the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA), and the Aspire to Innovate-a2i.

The E-Commerce Facilitation Center seeks to empower local entrepreneurs at Jamdani Shilpa Palli by providing them with crucial guidance and 24/7 support to effectively reach national and global markets. Notably, the center will also facilitate B2B business expansion opportunities for the entrepreneurs. By leveraging the expertise and consulting services of ekShop, local entrepreneurs will enhance their business prospects and financial prosperity, thereby bolstering the growth of the industry.

Expressing his appreciation for the initiative, Ambassador Ramis Sen emphasized the enduring friendship between Bangladesh and Turkey, dating back to pre-independence times. He praised the e-commerce facilitation center’s establishment, noting that it would further strengthen the bilateral relationship and pave the way for future collaborations in the realm of e-commerce development. He commended the initiative for its unwavering commitment to fostering entrepreneurial development.

The E-Commerce Facilitation Center was made possible through a collaborative effort between Aspire to Innovate-a2i, supported by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and the Bangladesh Small and Cottage Corporation (BSCIC). Furthermore, TIKA played a pivotal role by providing essential equipment to the center. BSCIC and TIKA jointly contributed to the establishment and a2i will facilate overall management of the E-commerce center.

Aligned with the government’s vision to build a smart Bangladesh by 2041, BSCIC introduced the modern digital marketplace ‘BSCIC Online Market,’ complementing the conventional market. Entrepreneurs under BSCIC can now register on this platform and showcase their products, benefitting from promotional opportunities. The newly launched E-Commerce Facilitation Center will extend support to entrepreneurs who wish to leverage this digital platform. Additionally, a2i-ekShop will seamlessly connect with major marketplaces across the country, allowing entrepreneurs to promote and sell their products effectively. Notably, ekShop will also offer cost-effective and efficient delivery services to remote areas within the nation.

Ekshop, renowned as the world’s first and only recognized digital public good and supportive e-commerce ecosystem, has already transformed the lives of over 180,000 small and medium entrepreneurs across Bangladesh since its inception in 2019. By joining forces with BSCIC Jamdani Palli, local entrepreneurs will gain access to the vast array of benefits offered by the one-shop marketplace, leveraging the robust digital infrastructure.

Both Turkey and Bangladesh are optimistic about the enduring cooperation between the two nations, and the E-Commerce Facilitation Center stands as a testament to their shared commitment to leveraging digital technology for mutual progress and growth.

Joint Project Director, a2i, (Joint Secretary) Mr. Md. Shaiful Islam; Tika Bangladesh Coordinator Sevki Mart Baris; Project Manager of a2i, Mazedul Islam; General Manager (Marketing) of BSCIC, Akhil Ranjan Tarafder; Head of Commercialization, a2i, Rezwanul Haque Jami and related senior officials were present.