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Bangladesh becomes the GovTech Leaders

17 November, 2022

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Bangladesh becomes the ‘GovTech Leaders’ in GTMI 2022


Dhaka-Bangladesh; 17 November 2022: Bangladesh has placed among the World Bank’s “GovtTech Leaders” by implementing new projects to deliver various government services using digital technology and creating an ecosystem to engage citizens in these services. Bangladesh has risen to this position in the GovTech Maturity Index (GTMI) 2022 published online by the World Bank on Wednesday.

According to the World Bank’s GTMI 2022, Bangladesh has entered the ‘Very High GovTech Maturity’ Group (Category A, which is called “GovTech Leaders”) with a score of 0.84 (Out of 1.00). Based on the score, Bangladesh also placed 29th among 198 countries. In 2020, Bangladesh’s score was 0.72 (Out of 1.00) and placed in ‘High GovTech Maturity Group (Category B).

A global launching event was held online by the World Bank to present the findings, trends, and good practices and demonstrate the new data dashboard of GTMI 2022. It measured the key aspects of the four focus areas of digital transformation in the public sector: Core Government Systems, Public Service Delivery, Citizen Engagement, and GovTech Enablers. The flagship report presents a global snapshot of GovTech maturity across 198 economies, a diverse set of good practice examples, and entry points for enhancing GovTech.

Based on the 2022 GTMI data, the average GTMI score is 0.552 out of 1. The average score is 0.575 for the Core Government Systems Index (CGSI), 0.649 for the Public Service Delivery Index (PSDI), 0.449 for the Digital Citizen Engagement Index (DCEI), and 0.536 for the GovTech Enablers Index (GTEI).

Whereas Bangladesh achieved ‘Category A: Very High’ GTMI in three components, and ‘Category B: High GTMI’ in one component among four components of GTMI. As per the report, Bangladesh’s score is 0.915 for the CGSI (previous score was 0.70 in 2020); 0.707 for the PSDI (previous score was 0.65 in 2020); 0.837 for the DCEI (previous score was 0.77 in 2020); 0.920 for the GTEI (previous score was 0.74 in 2020).

Mentionable, Aspire to Innovate-a2i has worked diligently to represent Bangladesh’s position in the GTMI 2022 report through overall coordination and reporting. As part of the coordination process, a2i facilitated all required actions, including consultation meetings with all concerned ministries, departments, and offices to collect the necessary information according to the format advised by the World Bank.