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a2i and Netcom Learning Global Partners to Upskill and Boost Employment Opportunities in Modern Technologies

4 February, 2024

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a2i and Netcom Learning Global Partners to Upskill and Boost Employment Opportunities in Modern Technologies


Dhaka-Bangladesh, 04 February 2024: The government has given special importance to building a Smart employment ecosystem to address unemployment issues in the country. Aspire to Innovate-a2i and Netcom Learning Global Limited will work together to develop skills and create job opportunities in cutting-edge technologies like AI-Robotics. In line with this vision, Aspire to Innovate-a2i and Netcom Learning Global Limited signed a MoU on Sunday (4th February) at the ICT tower, Agargaon, Dhaka. Md. Mamunur Rashid Bhuiyan, Project Director (Joint Secretary) of a2i, and Mamun Sarder (Russell Sarder), Chairman and Managing Director of Netcom Learning Global Limited, signed the MoU, on behalf of their respective organization. Md Shamsul Arefin, the Secretary of the Information and Communication Technology Division, also attended the event.

Under this MoU, a2i’s e-learning platform ‘Muktopaath’ (, and skill development, and employment matchmaking platform ‘NISE’ ( will collaborate with Netcom Learning Global Limited to enhance the technical skills of job seekers in the country. The two affiliated organizations aim to boost employment opportunities in the job market by training job seekers in modern technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, including Artificial Intelligence (AI)-Robotics.

Md Shamsul Arefin, the Secretary of the Information and Communication Technology Division emphasized the government’s commitment to creating a Smart Bangladesh through work-oriented education and increased employment opportunities. He also stated that creating a smart environment to increase employment in Bangladesh is a top priority to fulfil the vision of a Smart Bangladesh. Our country is already renowned for blue-collar job skills globally, but our goal for the future is to improve skills for white-collar jobs. This way, a vast number of educated people in the country will acquire the necessary technical skills to become Smart citizens, which will be vital for inclusion in the local and global job market.

Mamunur Rashid Bhuiyan, Project Director of a2i, said that through this MoU job seekers in the country can now take courses on modern technology from the largest Bengali e-learning platform ‘Muktopaath’ and explore employment opportunities on the real-time supply-demand matchmaking platform ‘NISE.’ By completing these courses, with the joint certificate from a2i-Netcom, job seekers will have the opportunity to apply for jobs in the world’s top 500 tech companies, such as Microsoft, Google, and Amazon, in competition with other countries around the world. 

Mamun Sardar (Rasel Sardar), Chairman and Managing Director of Netcom Learning, stated that Netcom Learning Global Limited is the local affiliate of Netcom Learning Incorporation, which is a well-known learning platform based in the United States. Today, with the signing of the MoU with a2i, we are delighted to become a partner in the government’s journey towards building a Smart Bangladesh vision. We hope that by working together with a2i, we can contribute to creating technologically advanced Smart employment.

‘Muktopaath’ offers online materials for general education, technical and vocational education, and lifelong learning opportunities. So far, more than 2.3 million learners have registered on ‘Muktopaath,’ and they are getting the opportunity to acquire knowledge from more than 250 courses. The National Intelligence for Skills, Education, Employment, and Entrepreneurship-NISE is a platform that aims to provide suitable job opportunities for unemployed youth in various trades through different career-oriented and vocational training. In addition to developing skills on this platform, one can also find the demand for jobs in various sectors and all potential employers. It also works as a real-time supply-demand platform in the job market, providing education and training. Currently, over 8 million youth are registered on this platform, along with 1,551 registered industries/employers and 602 registered training centres.

It is worth noting that the Bangladeshi government is implementing various innovative initiatives to build a Smart Bangladesh, under the supervision of Aspire to Innovate-a2i of the Cabinet Division, ICT Division supported by UNDP. 

Netcom Learning is an organization that promotes lifelong learning. Established in 1998, Netcom Learning provides support to Fortune 1000 companies and over 40,000 organizations to achieve their goal. They are efficient in finding effective and constructive solutions to various organizational challenges and providing the necessary guidance for employees to achieve their maximum potential.

During the event, a2i’s Policy Advisor, Anir Chowdhury; Head of Future of Education, Md. Afzal Hossain Sarwar; Strategy and Innovation Specialist, H.M. Asad-Uz-Zaman; Head of Commercial Strategy, Rezwanul Haque Jami; Device Innovation Expert, Taufiqur Rahman; and Head of Culture & Communications Purabi Matin, along with Netcom Global Learning and a2i’s several senior officials, were present.