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Char Kukri Mukri is located in Bhola, the southernmost district of Bangladesh. Char means ‘riverine island’ in Bengali, with several rivers flowing through this beautiful but poverty-stricken sub-district. Its +150,000 inhabitants live on just 25 sq km of low-lying land, and at high tide, extensive portions are under water. Born in a thumbprint of a […]

Refugees Aren’t Going Anywhere. We Need Sustainable Solutions

In recent weeks, ad hoc refugee camps in Lebanon and Bosnia have been set ablaze. As well as the immediate tragedy of some of the world’s most vulnerable individuals being thrust into further hardship, it has reminded us how it is developing countries that host 84% of the world’s refugees. Those countries, which often have their […]

How Bangladesh is seizing the opportunities of e-governance

As more services are delivered online by the private sector, governments must follow suit and give users a comparably fast, convenient, and transparent experience. This is increasingly essential to strengthen democratic processes and build confidence in state institutions. Often, governments can be slow to adapt to the latest developments in tech. The bigger the ship, […]

Seriously, Bangladesh is the country to beat on e-payments

Forget everything you know about finance. What if you could pay your taxes with SMS? What if you could send and receive money without ever visiting a bank – or even having an account? What if biometrics could ensure that you are who you say you are, without needing an appointment or a signed letter […]