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Mollah Mizanur Rahman

Joint Project Director (Joint Secretary)

Mollah Mizanur Rahman is the Joint Project Director, Aspire to Innovate (a2i) programme (component 2 & 3) under ICT Division. Prior to his appointment as JPD of a2i, he served as Joint Secretary (Development) at Secondary and Higher Education Division under Education Ministry. As a career civil servant, he has held various roles in both field administration and at the ministries. In the field administration, he has served as Assistant Commissioner, Magistrate, AC Land, UNO and ADC. In the ministries, he served as Deputy Secretary under – Statistics & Informatics Division, Ministry of Commerce & Energy & Mineral Resources Division.

Mr Rahman belongs to 21st Bangladesh Civil Service Administration Cadre. He began his career in civil service in 2003. He completed his Honours and Masters from the Department of Geology of Dhaka University.