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Khandaker Istiaque Mahmud

Senior Consultant (Agency Formation)

Khandaker Istiaque Mahmud brings over 28 years of diverse professional experience spanning two distinct career paths in different multinational and local organizations. He has proven track records of change management and organization transformation at Nestle, US Embassy, Chevron, Coats Bangladesh, Linde Bangladesh, Navana Group and Walton group.
He thrives on tackling challenges, exhibiting unwavering determination to surpass expectations. Regarded as a diligent, vibrant individual with effective communication and exceptional people skills, he brings a wealth of expertise as an HR professional. His experience on elevating organizational proficiency through a commitment to excellence in fostering employee development, retaining top-tier talents, and instilling a winning culture that enables individuals to thrive and excel in their performance. Dedicated to serve as a strategic partner in shaping and refining Human Resources Management processes in alignment with the organization’s overarching objectives and principles. His educational background and experience synergize, driving him to attain ambitious goals while operating with a high degree of autonomy.