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Ahmed Ehsanur Rahman

Brand Engagement Manager

Proud Alums of esteemed institutes like BRAC Business School (MBA 1st Batch, Marketing), Notre Dame College and St. Gregory’s High School, Ahmed Ehsanur Rahman embarks upon his latest walk with a2i as the Brand Engagement Manager (Culture & Communications), bringing along a proven track record of over 24 years of professional experiences, that he had gained over his past employments in multiple sectors and fields that include: Commercial / Non-Profits, Local / MNC, Advertising Agency / Audio-Visual Productions, Customer Services / Operations, Communications / Program, etc.

Throughout his adventurous & colorful professional life, Ehsan has put on many hats and walked in shoes of a various colors and sizes, that give him a holistic understanding of the professional comms arena. His specialized endeavors have been with some of the most trusted & respected brand names locally and globally, including: the local offices of Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs (JHUCCP) & BBC Media Action; JAAGO Foundation, Bangladesh Enterprise Institute (BEI), Asiatic Talkingpoint, RED Dot, Cinema House Ltd. (of the Bengal Foundation family), Delta BRAC Housing Finance Ltd, etc. For the last one year, his full-time attachment was with ekShop.  Ehsan’s specializations spanned from Strategic Comms, Creative Planning, Supervision & Writing, Internal & External Comms, to Operations & Program Management, Production Coordination, Skills Training Facilitation, etc.