You win, a2i wins, Bangladesh wins

In order to benefit from the energy and passion of the youth, a2i’s Young Professionals Program is the first of its kind to engage fresh graduates in hands-on professional experience within the government offering tangible options to make large impact in nation building. This program not only offers the country-wide a2i platform to Bangladesh’s young generation for a career development path in their field of interests but also nurtures them providing opportunities to show their zeal getting them ready as the forthcoming leaders of Bangladesh. This Program creates unique opportunities for fresh graduates to engage in many innovative initiatives in implementation at the grassroots level and policy formulation at the very top of the government. At the same time, the multitudes of public private partnership projects facilitated by a2i provide unparalleled prospects for working with the private sector.

An Opportunity For Nation Building

Do you want to have a role in building Digital Bangladesh? Ask yourself if you want to contribute to the ‘Culture of Innovation’ within the government and within the society at large. Or do you want to improve government services for millions of your fellow citizens? Want to work with many private companies who are helping the government transform our beloved but poor nation into a strong middle-income economy? Do you want to be exposed to massive challenges of nation building that most of your friends have not even thought of? If the answer to any of these is ‘Yes’, then a2i is the place for you. You will work at the Prime Minister’s Office with many government institutions along with the UN agencies, innovative startups, local and global companies, universities, research organizations and also with the media. You will work in a very fast-paced environment with a team of brilliant social and governance problem solvers committed to rapid positive transformation. You will get an accelerated, all access career-track training to develop lasting professional skills in the field of your interest besides learning invaluable skills in communication, teamwork, negotiation and problem solving. You will truly leapfrog past your peers in knowledge, confidence and skills and make yourself ready for future opportunities within the government, private sector, non-government organizations and development partners. Some of these long-term opportunities may exist in a2i if you can prove the right fit and demonstrate true leadership potential. As Margaret Mead said “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Are you one of those citizens?

Nation Building

What We Expect

a2i Core Values

a2i is a place for reciprocation: it invests a lot for your professional skills development and also expects a lot in return. You will be placed in important and challenging roles requiring tremendous self-motivation, hunger for learning, and proactiveness. You will be assigned to great mentors who are accomplished experts in their fields but, within a short time after you join, you will be expected to function with minimal supervision and produce tangible results. You are expected to come up with original ideas to solve problems without constantly waiting for instructions. a2i is not a place to be a cog in the wheel. We want you to dream big but, at the same time, get the work done without philosophizing too much. ‘Failure’ is encouraged as long as you learn from them and do not repeat the same failure. Hard work and long hours are so common that you should not expect anything different. Attention to detail is essential but that should not lead to procrastination. Frankness, humility and mutual respect are cornerstones of our communication and behavior. You will have to constantly adapt to working with diversified people including communicating and working with senior officials from the government, private sector and development partners. As such, flexibility and teamwork are keys at a2i. We have modified the famous African proverb: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” to- “If you want to go far and fast, innovate together.” We expect you to believe in this new proverb.

a2i Core Values

We expect all our Young Professionals having these values in themselves besides believing them from within

Let’s Get the Wheels Turning

a2i believes in acquiring and fostering talents and is always ready to provide opportunities to fresh graduates to sharpen and strengthen their potentials. We encourage fresh graduates to apply for the Young Professionals and choose the best possible ones through initial screening based on the CVs, written test through write-ups and eventually a preliminary and/or final interview. The best ones chosen shall be working in different components of the project.

a2i Wheels Turning

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria

Minimum Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent in any discipline (Master’s degree will be an added advantage) with CGPA of 3.00 (on scale of 4)
Age maximum 27 years







Digital Centre, 333 & National Portal

G2B and DSA

Social Innovation ( ekShop)

Social Innovation (iLab)

Digital Financial Service

Primary Education

Secondary Education


Skills for Decent Employment


Programme Management, Research and M&E