What is Smart Bangladesh really?

What was a dream on March 7, 1971—Independent Bangladesh—became a reality on December 16, 1971. What was a dream on December 12, 2008—Digital Bangladesh—became a reality on December 16, 2021. The newly announced dream on December 12, 2022 – Smart Bangladesh – will also be a reality on December 16, 2041. So, officially, we are […]

Going digital has been a godsend

Analyzing the socio-economic impact of the digitization of public service and how it has saved citizens time, cost, and visits in accessing public services. Bangladesh is a country that has undergone significant changes in recent years, particularly in terms of digital transformation. With increasing availability of technology, a growing awareness of its potential among the […]

Smart Agriculture for Smart Bangladesh

a2i catalyses experimentation and public-private partnerships applying a gender lens to unlock new services and untapped financial opportunities for Bangladeshi farmers. Bangladesh is a thumbprint of a country geographically with the 8 th largest population in the world. A growing population with a density of close to 1,300 per km 2 means the land available […]

Smart Bangladesh must not forget those with disabilities

The strength and courage of people with disabilities serve as an example for all of us, and they make a significant contribution to the promotion of a diverse, tolerant, and inclusive society free from discrimination — which benefits other groups and individuals who are also seen as different and thus frequently marginalized. Persons with disabilities […]

স্মার্ট বাংলাদেশ : আইসিটি মাস্টারপ্ল্যান ২০৪১

ডা. বার্নাড লন বলেছেন, ‘যিনি অদৃশ্যকে দেখতে পারেন তিনিই অসম্ভবকে সম্ভব করতে পারেন’। জাতির পিতা বঙ্গবন্ধু শেখ মুজিবুর রহমান ও প্রধানমন্ত্রী শেখ হাসিনা অদৃশ্যকে দেখতে পেরেছেন বলেই স্বাধীন সার্বভৌম বাংলাদেশ আজ ‘ডিজিটাল বাংলাদেশ’-এ রূপান্তরিত হয়েছে এবং ২০৪১ সালের মধ্যে ‘স্মার্ট বাংলাদেশ’ বাস্তবায়নের পথে এগিয়ে যাচ্ছে। ‘ডিজিটাল বাংলাদেশ’ বিনির্মাণের এক যুগের অভিযাত্রায় তথ্যপ্রযুক্তির নতুন উদ্ভাবন, নাগরিক […]

Smart teachers for Smart Bangladesh

To build a Smart Bangladesh by 2041, the first need is smart citizens. Realizing our demographic dividend, the government has introduced a competency-based curriculum aiming to prepare the learners for the future. In other words, make them “smart” and become problem solvers — in their personal, social, and global contexts. However, the successful implementation of […]

Digital Service Design Lab (DSDL)

Till 2017, the Ministries and govt. organizations took individual, decentralized & disintegrated initiatives to digitize public services. But most initiatives were facing challenges to provide services due to unplanned design and implementation. To overcome this, Digital Service Design Lab is an innovative method where service providers, service recipients and IT experts design digital services and […]