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Manik Mahmud

6 September, 2022

Reading Time: 2 Minutes

Mr. Manik is Head of the Social Innovation Cluster, Customer Innovation Lab and Communication of a2i, which is a Government of Bangladesh run programme with technical support from UNDP. In this capacity, Manik leads the formation of an innovation ecosystem within the whole of society through massive human resource development programme to ensure e-Participation, citizen-centric service design and communication, foster innovation and R&D culture within govt, academia and industry. He primes the collaboration and partnership among public and private sectors for policy formulation, institutional reform, and economic opportunity to pave the way for the youths and workers to get gainful employment in future job market aligning the Government Manifesto 2018, SDG 2030 and building developed nation by 2041. He has been capitalized his 23 years of experience by forming of an innovation culture in Bangladesh Civil Service through massive capacity development, policy formulation, and institutional reform with the partnership of Cabinet Division and all ministries of Bangladesh Government. The ‘Empathy Training’ was part of that, he was co-designer in 2013, that has enabled the government officials to develop prototypes for service innovation with their resources and inventiveness, and now it has been governmentwide institutionalized. He has successfully promoted the use of social media among the government officials for policy dialogue, co-creation, idea sharing, and introduced it as a platform for citizen’s grievance redressal. He was part of design and editorial team of the international publication ‘COFFEE TABLE BOOK – THE a2i JOURNEY’ published in 2022. He was responsible for piloting the Community e-Center on 2007 supported by UNDP Bangladesh, and that has been scaled-up on 2010 in all Union Parashads named ‘Union Digital Center’ as the largest public and private service delivery outlet. He has a master’s degree.