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Mahmodul Islam

5 September, 2022

Reading Time: 4 Minutes

Mr Mahmodul Islam has 15 years of experience in different areas and is currently leading the M&E Team of 3 members for more than 5 years where data and M&E are the key areas to track teams’ progress and help to make quick decisions in their fields through a2i dashboard, an online-based management dashboard. Managing data for data-driven decision-making, reporting & Monitoring & Evaluation activities for government organizations and donor agencies as per necessity are the prime responsibilities of my current job. Coordination for data with several teams of the project and showing progress out of that and tracking teams to help to find the way forward towards their goals through M&E are the key activities he experienced. Data-based monitoring and evaluation in the results-based approach help a2i teams to capture, document, analyze and report M&E in a positive way for program development, target achievement and strategic planning. Mr Islam is good at process documentation that helps to transform data reporting and data analysis into evidence that will help to introduce evidence-based monitoring culture in a2i. Mr Islam also Facilitates and substantively contributes to the incorporation of monitoring and reporting into programme formulation. He also Contributes substantively to the monitoring and tracking of results against the project targets in the Strategic Note. He facilitates the reporting of results to internal and external audiences he managed the a2i Dashboard that helps a2i teams to visualize their data and make decisions out of it and track their activities and budget in this software. Therefore, IT knowledge and the use of IT in working areas help to work smartly. Working as a team with a set of keywords learn-unlearn-relearn is one of my strategies to deal with several initiatives bridging between business managers and IT professionals. For Contributing to knowledge building and capacity building, he facilitated the concerned team to take necessary actions.

Other than monitoring and reporting, my skills include capacity development, innovation and technological solutions, creative content development, communication, administration, etc. He was a sub-editor of monthly Anu, a science magazine for a couple of years. Moreover, he was a feature writer for the Law page of the daily Kalerkantha for around 6 months and published 2 features on “the invasion of Hindu culture into Buddist culture in absence of Buddhist personal laws in Bangladesh” and “the differences in the definition of Child in local laws and international laws hinder children to enjoy child rights”. With this working experience, his strong sides are hard-working, sincerity, leadership quality, understanding of the program properly and finally a positive attitude to learn and apply in the workplace with the skills like creative thinking, Innovations solution development, Leadership, Criminology, Critical analysis, Strategic Planning, Critical thinking, Project management, Agile Project planning, communication, Design thinking, Development Reporting, Problem Solving, Conflict Resolution, Project approval procedure, Project Planning, Data analysis and visualization, Framework/ Matrix development UAT and UX, Evidence-based Results management, Results-based Management, Public relations etc. with the expertise in the legal field as he has a graduation and post-graduation degree in Law.