Data-driven Policy Making

Bangladesh is going through a pivotal phase, making a transition from being an LDC to being one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. The government realizes that in order to successfully achieve the SDGs, it needs to systematically plan and monitor the impact of its policies, and be able to benchmark data and see […]

Future of Digital Economy

While digitization, particularly the electronic delivery of public services and digital payments, has undoubtedly been a great equalizer across the board, there are some important segments of the Bangladesh economy that remain underdeveloped and largely excluded. This is the issue at hand when thinking about creating an inclusive, digital economy that will drive Bangladesh towards […]

Future of Work

When we see a storm coming, we do our best to prepare. Spurred by the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) the next two decades are likely to bring some very big threats for jobs right across the world. According to the World Economic Forum, 50% of all employees worldwide will need reskilling by 2025.    A […]

Future of Education

The conventional perception of education is tied to going to schools. No school means no education. So, when COVID forced schools to close leaving all 50 million students stranded, these initiatives, which form the basis for the public EdTech ecosystem in Bangladesh, provided the means to bring education to their homes. Bangladesh’s approach to reforming […]

Digital Financial Inclusion

Bangladesh has shown tremendous growth in terms of digital financial account access through the proliferation of branchless banking which has taken full-service retail banking to the doorsteps of rural citizens across the country, and soaring mobile financial services (MFS), which reached a client base of over 100 million. However, despite this increase in access, usage […]

Civil Service 2041

a2i’s empathy-triggered culture of public service innovation is built on the 3 pillars of PURPOSE, AUTONOMY, and COMPETENCE. Focusing on changing the mindset of the govpreneurs, a sense of PURPOSE was established through ‘reducing TCV’ – reducing the time (T), cost (C) and number of visits (V) it takes for citizens to access government services. […]

Digital Equity

Building forward better, Innovative Bangladesh Vision 2041 requires an uncompromising and relentless focus on ensuring Digital Equity – the idea that everyone should have the availability, accessibility and affordability of information technology needed for full participation in our society, democracy, and economy. Different layers of the multi-channel, multi-platform digital service access architecture were designed to […]

South-South Cooperation

Countries from the South are well-positioned to understand each other’s development realities; particularly, what works and what doesn’t, and perhaps most importantly, the whys behind the successes and failures. They also recognize the need to experiment on their own turfs and avoid mistakes made by similar countries. The expectation therefore is that countries facing common […]

Smart Bangladesh Vision 2041

Smart Bangladesh Vision 2041 is about more than a futuristic Bangladesh, more than 5G internet, more than 100% smartphone penetration, more than 100% high-speed internet penetration, more than going cashless. Smart Bangladesh is about being inclusive, about the people, the citizens of Bangladesh. Built on the 4 pillars of Smart Citizens, Smart Government, Smart Economy […]